May brought new updates to the Every Voice Engaged platform. These changes reflect updated branding, method to track the types of forums moderators are convening, and a much needed “confirmation” button that prevents moderators from advancing screens in error.

Updated Branding in CGA to Every Voice Engaged

If you look on the bottom right of your dashboard or in the forum, you’ll see the new Every Voice Engaged logo. If you click on the logo, you’ll be directed to the Every Voice Engaged Foundation website. We’ve also changed the footer color from blue to white so the updated branding is more visible. Don’t worry, even thought we’ve changed the branding, it’s still the same software.

Here’s what the change looks like on the login page:

You’ll also notice the name change in the Informed Consent pop up box before participants enter the forum:


Confirming Advancing Screens During the Forum

Every once in a while, a facilitator will accidentally push the flashing NEXT or FINISH button twice, skipping over the next section of the deliberative forum. Because the platform does not have a “back” or “undo” button, facilitators had to either skip the section entirely or try to add the actions and drawbacks from the skipped section into the current screen. Many facilitators noted that fixing this flow was important.

Now, facilitators have to confirm their intent to advance the group to the next stage of the forum by clicking “ok” in a pop-up dialogue box.

This popup confirmation box happens at each stage of the forum: before moving to the baseline top 5, before moving to evaluating each of the three options, before moving to deliberation and before moving into and between the common ground screens.

Scheduler Changes to Better Track Forum Types

For conveners of large numbers of events, major projects operating at scale, or using large numbers of forums for research purposes, identifying the type of forum is important. In the previous version of the software, facilitators needed to manually edit the “Forum Title” box to note the purpose of the forum – whether it was for a specific classroom activity, or for training additional facilitators, or if the forum was open to the public.

In the updated scheduler, conveners will see a dropdown box titled “Event Category”:

Conveners can click the dropdown menu to categorize the forum as either:

  • Training – Forums for demonstration, practice, or moderator training purposes.
  • Public – Forums open to everyone with a link. This could be a forum held for the entire university community or for a national-level event.
  • Private – Forums meant for a select group of participants like students in a specific class session or purposefully selected participants for research purposes.

The following changes are included in version 1.9.1:

Issue # Description
1 Branding changes: CGA footer has EVEF logo and website link; browser icon is EVEF icon
2 Scheduler changes: Created new dropdown menu for labeling new scheduled forums (training, open, private). Label is visible in the “scheduled forums” page of moderator dashboard
3 Forum flow changes: Added confirmation buttons at screen changes. Moderators must confirm moving from each page.
4 Identified two bugs for future fixes.