Updates to Every Voice Engaged – Feb. 2022 (version 1.9.9)   


February brought new updates to the Every Voice Engaged platform. These changes include ability for new organizations to set up EVE accounts and purchase a license, in-app functionality to invite participants to a forum, and accessibility enhancements for the visually impaired.


Creation of new Organization accounts

As part of our efforts to enhance the moderator/convenor experience, we have made it possible for people who want to use the platform to set up new Organization accounts and choose the license that works best for them. Because of our mission, EVE is committed to allowing new users to hold up to 5 forums per year at no cost. Beyond that, users who want to facilitate larger forum series can choose either a Team or an Enterprise license, and pay for them completely securely online. This means new users who want to become familiar with the platform no longer have to discover whom to contact at NIFI about the platform, saving large amounts of time and effort for new moderators.


Invitation via email (alpha)

As part of our efforts to enhance the moderator/convenor experience, we’ve continued working to connect our backend microservice for sending invitation emails to participants to the new mobile-optimized front end. This feature is now working on internal EVE server and will be able to go live as soon as event stream is complete.


 Accessibility Enhancements

As part of our efforts to make the platform and the experience of participating in a forum as widely accessible as possible, we have undergone a large amount of accessibility testing. Now that have made several rounds updates to modernize our tech stack, we have also been able to change settings that make EVE more accessible to the visually-impaired via screen reader compatibility.



The following changes are included in version 1.9.9 of EVE:   


Issue #   





Enhance the moderator/convenor experience


New users can sign up for new Organization accounts (which includes permissions to schedule and facilitate forums), choose the appropriate license, and pay securely on everyvoiceengaged.org.


Enhance the moderator/convenor experience


Both front-end and back-end of invitation email microservice now functioning on EVE servers, will move to beta once event stream is fully debugged and launched.  This will allow moderators to send emails to invite participants to a forum with all necessary forum information automatically included. 

Other features and enhancements as agreed upon by both parties  


Accessibility by screen reader technology updated and improved