Press Release – Great Neighborhoods Program


Contact: Rhonda Shrader
Email: [email protected]

Every Voice Engaged Foundation Partners With City of San José for Phase I of Great Neighborhoods Program

Every Voice Engaged Foundation (Scotts Valley, CA) is once again partnering with the City of San José for a new program—Great Neighborhoods.  Originally piloted with one of San José’s 70 neighborhoods, the Coyote Creek Neighborhood Association, Great Neighborhoods will roll out to a larger audience later this year.

Applicants from all neighborhoods will be eligible to receive mini-grants from the City for neighborhood initiatives.  On September 29, grant applicants will attend a Neighborhood Development Training Conference (NDTC).  The day-long conference will be held on the San José State University campus and filled with dynamic workshops.

Every Voice Engaged Foundation will be conducting a session to assist applicants in identifying safety, beautification and other projects for the mini-grants.  Another session will provide hands-on assistance with completing applications for approval the same day.  Up to 60 neighborhoods will receive mini-grants by the end of the conference so that neighborhoods can begin immediate implementation.

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