CGA featured in "Facilitating Deliberation" podcast episode on deliberating online

Dr. Kara Dillard sits down with Lyn Carson to talk moderating online deliberative forums and specifically about Common Ground for Action. In this episode, Kara explains this short-form process, as well as its strengths and challenges. As a moderator training specialist for NIF she offers insight into the difference between online and face-to-face facilitation.


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On August 7th, in Half Moon Bay, CA, the Knowsy® board game was integrated into their National Night Out, an annual community-building campaign where millions of neighbors in the US host neighborhood events on the first Tuesday in August; hundreds of residents across 17 different neighborhoods (15 English and 2 Spanish versions) came together during a city-wide Day of Play to use Knowsy as a means of connecting with those they lived nearest to but sometimes never had the opportunity to truly get to know.

Our dream is a National "Day of Play" where communities across the nation play Knowsy® to build empathy and connections with people they may have otherwise never taken the time to get to know. When we lose empathy and compassion our communities crumble. We've seen that when members of conflicting groups take the time to actually get to know each other they build this empathy and compassion that is lacking in so many places today. Given enough time, we find similarities that help us come together.

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We Played MORE Than Two Games – And Changed the World!

An update from Luke Hohmann, founder of Conteneo, Inc. and Acting Executive Director of the Every Voice Engaged Foundation:

In my Agile 2015 keynote, I challenged the Agile Community to change the world by playing two games. With the help of the Agile Alliance, the Scrum Alliance, Agilists around the world and a whole bunch of other people, Every Voice Engaged Foundation was able to accomplish a whole lot! Here is a brief summary of what we accomplished since August of 2015.

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Agile Community Undertakes 24 Hours of Play to Tackle School Budget Priorities

Results of online forums revealed in Every Voice Engaged® Executive Director Luke Hohmann’s Keynote at Agile 2015

Mountain View CA — August 3, 2015 — On July 30, 2015, the Every Voice Engaged® Foundation (EVEF) hosted a 24-hour day-of-play to demonstrate how collaborative techniques that were born from the Agile movement are helping communities around the world tackle wicked and complex problems in the public sector.

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Be Part of the Agile 2015 Keynote

On July 30, starting at 12:00 GMT-0 (London time), we are scheduling a  24-hour day of play to capture data for the Agile 2015 conference. We will host a series of 30 minute online forums starting every half hour. You’ll get a chance to experience the same collaborative techniques we have used with communities and nonprofits around the globe as we work to bring people together to tackle wicked social problems.

We’d love for you to participate in this community building forum!  Click through to sign up and be notified to participate. (And read on for more details!)

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Antonio Guerra, current budget manager for the San Francisco Rec and Parks department, spoke at the Beyond 2020 conference in Lisbon in late June about his work with the Every Voice Engaged Foundation and the City of San José to produce the first Budget Games event in January 2011. Beyond 2020 is a conference dedicated to highlighting the role of the role of the Human Being in the ongoing evolution of cities. 

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Missoula Independent - Budget Games Success in Montana

Thanks to a partnership with City Club Missoula and City Councilwoman Caitlin Copple, the Every Voice Engaged Foundation was able to pull off another successful Budget Games. On June 11, 2014, citizens of Missoula participated in the city’s first-ever Games — From discussions over deer hunting permits to funding local parks, residents were given a platform to voice their opinions and play a role in the city’s budgeting process.

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Every Voice Engaged — Common Ground for California Water

What is happening? – The state of California will take the water crisis by the horns during the month of February to discuss long term sustainability and short term relief for our towns and water-reliant industries. Every Voice Engaged in partnership with Conteneo wants to bring thousands of California residents into this discussion via their new online tool Common Ground for Action.

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San José Residents play 4th annual Budget Games

In January 2014, San José, CA residents had a chance to influence their city’s forthcoming budget by playing games. Representatives from San José Neighborhood Associations and the Neighborhoods Commission and Youth Commission joined 100s of their fellow residents to share their perspectives and opinions regarding budgeting priorities for the City of San José. This year’s event was the fourth annual Budget Games, produced by Every Voice Engaged and its corporate underwriter Conteneo for the City of San José, and included, for the first time, online games to expand game play to 100s more San José residents. (Thanks to Microsoft for its donation of 100+ Surface Tablets for the event.)

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