GARY GREEN  Technical Lead

Gary Green is responsible for technical maintenance, operations, and enhancements for the Every Voice Engaged/Common Ground for Action (CGA) platform. He is currently focused on infrastructure upgrades that will enable a mobile first user experience. After leading software development teams at Cisco for 15 years, Gary is reconnecting with his engineering roots. He developed low-level networking software at Cisco prior to transitioning to a team leadership role. He developed laser printer software for Apple products while at Adobe. Like many engineers in Silicon Valley, he's had years of startup experience. Gary has a BS EE from Virgina Tech and a MS CS from Loyola University, Baltimore. Gary led his son's Cub Scout pack for the past 4 years. Gary hopes his son will see the benefit from the community engagement that scouting provides and will advance to the rank of Eagle Scout, the same as he did. 


AMY LEE  Product Experience

Amy Lee is the lead product experience manager at Every Voice Engaged. Amy is responsible for designing development stories, organizing development sprints, and ensuring quality product development that meets the civic-deliberative needs of Every Voice Engaged/Common Ground for Action (CGA) users. Amy is also the Associate Director of the Institute for Democratic Engagement & Accountability at The Ohio State University. Her focus is developing and testing practical innovations to make democracy both more participatory and also more deliberative. Prior to coming to OSU, Amy was a program officer for eight years with the Kettering Foundation, a research foundation that studies deliberative democracy, particularly democratic decision making. At Kettering, she led the development of the foundation’s platform for online deliberative forums, Common Ground for Action, a transparent, visually engaging environment for deliberative decision making. Amy was also a 2018 Marshall Memorial Fellow, participating in the German Marshall Fund’s immersive program for emerging leaders focusing on the transatlantic engagement and collaboration.


KARA DILLARD Network Engagement and Grants

Kara Dillard is the grant writer and manager and the network engagement lead at Every Voice Engaged Foundation. Kara is responsible for connecting librarians, teachers, pastors, elected officials, issue experts and scientists and scholars who want to use civic-deliberative technology to the Every Voice Engaged Foundation. Drawing from her extensive background as a publishing academic, deliberative practitioner, and online engagement designer, Kara works to introduce users to CGA, to train them as moderators and to ensure their deliberative forums succeed. Kara is currently a assistant professor in the School of Communication Studies at James Madison University and research director at JMU's Institute for Constructive Advocacy and Dialogue. She is an expert in online deliberation, having developed innovative programs and curriculum to convene civil discussions using the CGA online deliberation platform. She has published in the Journal of Applied Communication Research, Journal of Political Science Education, and the International Journal of Communication. She holds degrees in communication studies and earned a PhD in sociology from Kansas State University.