Community Engagement - Knowsy®

Knowsy® is healing broken communities, restoring kindness to society and building friendly connections among people!

Our dream is a National "Day of Play" where communities across the nation play Knowsy® to build empathy and connections with people they may have otherwise never taken the time to get to know.

When we lose empathy and compassion our communities crumble. We've seen that when members of conflicting groups take the time to actually get to know each other they build this empathy and compassion that is lacking in so many places today. Given enough time, we find similarities that help us come together.

Unfortunately, it's hard to just walk up to a stranger and tell them something about yourself. However, it has been said that "You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation".

We've found this to be particularly true with Knowsy®. Our team hopes to heal broken communities, restore kindness to society and build friendly connections among people with Knowsy®.

The game has already been played by many communities, such as Redwood City, CA, Half Moon Bay, CA and Santa Fe, NM.

In Redwood City, Knowsy® was used in breakout groups during a town hall on the California water crisis to find common ground and build friendly relationships between civic participants in order to create a productive discussion. In Half Moon Bay, the Knowsy® board game was integrated into their National Night Out, an annual community-building campaign where millions of neighbors in the US host neighborhood events on the first Tuesday in August; hundreds of residents across 17 different neighborhoods (15 English and 2 Spanish versions) came together during a city-wide Day of Play to use Knowsy as a means of connecting with those they lived nearest to but sometimes never had the opportunity to truly get to know. Santa Fe has agreed to integrate Knowsy® into their annual commUNITY day to bring together members of law enforcement and other first responders with members of the Santa Fe community as a way to use empathy and similarities to create trust and a feeling of safety, focusing specifically on building connections between police and children in Santa Fe.

Step 1? Start with these cities. Step 2? Expand to every city in America!

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Every Voice Engaged partnered with the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley for a Nuestro Futuro (Our Future) event. 


HFSV wanted to make sure that the engagement of Latino festival-goers was both fun and informative. 

Incorporating Community Festivals as Sites for Engagement

Participants from an entire community gave feedback and prioritized ideas for improving their neighborhoods. "We designed and digitally printed a tree illustration on a 6×4 foot plastic surface and attached it to the frame of a booth. The tree

contained five branches — each limb symbolizing a distinct quality of life area (education, health, environment, housing, and financial stability). We used Post-Its sticky notes pre-cut into the shape of the apples. Apples represented ideas, suggestions, or opinions.


How the game was played:

If a person cares about a specific quality of life issue, he/she reports the concern to our facilitator who then jots down the idea onto the apple — the idea is later entered into an excel sheet. The apple is pasted on a tree branch corresponding to the relevant quality of life. Additionally, an observer assists the facilitator in capturing important details that, while they may not fit on the apple, contain insight on key examples regarding problems or solutions in a particular community.  Notes taken by observers are written on 3×5 inch index cards that are matched up with the apples." (HFSV)