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The Fast Fun Game Where it Pays to Be Knows-y

We've seen that when members of conflicting groups take the time to actually get to know each other they find similarities that help them come together. So, we created Knowsy®. Knowsy® allows its players to heal broken communities, restore kindness to society and build friendly connections among each other. It's both a great family game as well as a great community-engaging game!

Knowsy® is the fast, fun, family game in which you win points by demonstrating how well you know your family and friends. The active player gets to select a topic - like Pizza Toppings or Ice Cream - and select their five favorites. We call this a "like-list". The other players then try to guess the like-list of the active player. The better you guess the more points you earn! With bluffing, bonus points, and rules that you can extend, Knowsy® is a game you can play for hours!


 The goal of Knowsy® is to build empathy and understanding among the players. The structure helps players both talk about a topic and learn about what others think about it -- without the typical difficulties that groups have in making sure everyone is both   heard and has time to share their ideas. The game structure really helps players get to know the 4 or 5 people in their game better and faster than they might even know folks on their own block.


 The game is ideal for neighborhoods, schools, cities and families! 

In addition to prep work and facilitating the event, our trained and experienced facilitators provide ongoing guidance and training during group events to build empathy and understanding.

The game has already been played by many communities, such as Redwood City, CA, Half Moon Bay, CA and Santa Fe, NM. 

In Redwood City, Knowsy® was used in breakout groups during a town hall
 on the California water crisis to find common ground and build friendly relationships between civic participants in order to create a productive discussion. In Half Moon Bay,  the Knowsy® board game was integrated into their National Night Out, an annual community-building campaign where millions of neighbors in the US host neighborhood events on the first Tuesday in August; hundreds of residents across 17 different neighborhoods (15 English and 2 Spanish versions) came together during a city-wide Day of Play to use Knowsy as a means of connecting with those they lived nearest to but sometimes never had the opportunity to truly get to know. Santa Fe has agreed to integrate Knowsy® into their annual commUNITY day to bring together members of law enforcement and other first responders with members of the Santa Fe community as a way to use empathy and similarities to create trust and a feeling of safety, focusing specifically on building connections between police and children in Santa Fe.

Step 1? Start with Santa Fe, NM and Half Moon Bay, CA! Step 2? Expand to every city in America! Click below to donate to our GoFundMe to support these Knowsy Days of Play! Click here to buy your own game!

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