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Applying Triple Helix via Serious Games

  Trilicious gave the more than 50 attendees who   played a chance to share their knowledge and   collaborate in teams, while learning how Triple Helix   model can be applied to solve difficult dilemmas.   Each table of players created game boards that     illustrated their fresh ideas on how to solve the large-   scale issues they took on. The actual results of each   game are helpful to identify valuable ideas and   innovations that can benefit the entire community.





Play Trilicious in Your Community or Classroom

The game results (pictures of the finished game boards and solutions) are available for you to download below. We’re also making the game and game materials available for use under the Creative Commons License.

Read the rules and overview of Trilicious, consider the notes on game strategy, look at the solutions from the Triple Helix IX conference, and try playing the game with the materials we have posted below. We hope Trilicious will spark your creativity and critical thinking in order to form innovative ideas on how to solve world problems.



Game Results

  Download the solutions from all the tables here!
  The 10 tables chose from a variety of current issues,   including “Corrupt Government,” “Housing and   Education for Slums,” “Government Enforcement of   Intellectual Property,” “Aging Population” and “Green   Region.” Each group’s interpretation of the scenario   helped guide them toward an effective solution for   the pressing problem they selected. The results were   then judged and scored based on the novelty,   feasibility   and impact of the ideas. The winning team was selected by our judges to submit a formal paper about a Triple Helix solution scenario, which will be distributed to all of the conference attendees. Look over the results from the tables to discover what Trilicious can do to motivate critical thinking and creativity. If only seven people and one hour was needed to form each solution, imagine how this impactful game could change the world!


Download Game Materials


Overview and Rules

Game Board

The Cards