August brought new updates to the Every Voice Engaged platform. 

Text Messaging Login (Beta) 

To our new beta feature allowing participants to create an account within Every Voice Engaged, we have now developed the functionality to  verify the account via text message.  This will be a persistent login, meaning a participant will stay logged into their account on that device and eliminate the need for them to create and remember another password. It also allows an additional level of verification and security, which we will extend to accounts for other rules (including facilitators, issue guide authors and administrators) in coming months.  Here’s what the process to log in via text message will look like: 

Sign Up page one

SMS code entry

Successful text code entry


 From the homescreen, participants are taken back to the Every Voice Engaged homepage.

Sign In capability  

This same new Sign Up flow will now also allow participants to sign in if they have already created an account:

Sign In option on Sign up screen 



Issue #  Description 
1  Account verification/creation via text message 
2  Sign In functionality added to Sign Up flow