Every Voice Engaged features in panel on Technology and Innovative Pedagogy in the Classroom

The Teaching and Learning Conference at the American Political Science Association (or TLC at APSA)is one of the premier events at the APSA annual conference, regularly attracting 300 or more scholars-instructors interested in the scholarship of teaching and learning political science.

The theme of the 2021 TLC at APSA is “Teaching Pluralism through Political Science Education” and the paper to be presented by Dr. Kara Dillard of James Madison University (VA) and Dr. Kara Lindaman of Winona State University (MN) shows how using Every Voice Engaged in the classroom can promote pluralism. Dillard and Lindman will share their experiences from the past three years of using EVE during the National Week of Deliberation – a week of online forums that pair rural and urban campuses, small private liberal arts with large agricultural or tech schools, religious and nonreligious, and all things in between in deliberation over wicked issues.

From their abstract:

We find that the specific and unique value that CGA brings to student civic engagement and to deliberation overall cannot be overstated. Leveraging CGA’s unique chat, action-drawback focus, and in-real-time graphical representation of group judgments means students can find and see the common ground they share with peers from different places and walks of life. For students who are nervous about sharing views, being able to privately rank and then, in aggregate, formally see their judgments as part of the group, not in contrast to it means they can more directly see themselves as part of a citizenry that can work together. For students who are trying two new things at once – the hard work of deliberation and deliberating with people who have very different experiences and views – CGA allows students a unique way to deliberate while still discovering the human connections that can bridge political and social differences in order to address real, wicked issues.

Feel free to drop in and hear more about using EVE with students in the Technology and Innovative Pedagogy in the Classroom TLC at APSA session on Saturday October 2, 2021 at 2:00pm PDT.